Brownfields Tribal Response Program

The SITC Brownfields Tribal Response Program (TRP) began in 2008 as an environmental program within the Swinomish Office of Planning and Community Development. SITC receives a yearly grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to maintain the program.

What is a Brownfields?

Brownfields sites are abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial properties where development, redevelopment or expansion is complicated by actual or suspected environmental contamination. By investigating and cleaning up brownfields sites, many of which are abandoned areas that may impose an environmental risk to the local community, development can take place with less concern about legal liabilities related to site contamination. This benefits the Swinomish Tribe by bringing jobs to the area, making abandoned property functional, and possibly preserving sites that have historic and cultural significance to the community.

The definition of a brownfields site is found in Public Law 107-118 (H.R. 2869) "Small business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act" signed into law January 11, 2002. For more information on the definition of a brownfields site and information on brownfields, please see Brownfields | US EPA.


Examples of potential Brownfield sites on the Swinomish Reservation

SITC Brownfields Tribal Response Program Overview

A Brownfields Tribal Response Program is required by the EPA to have certain components. Listed below are the general components of our Tribal Response Program:

Timely Survey and Inventory

Environmental Assessments

Public Record (Available for review in the Swinomish Planning Office)

Public Participation


Oversight and Enforcement

Brownsfield Tribal Response Program Public Record

The Public record for the Swinomish TRP is maintained by the Environmental Management Coordinator in the Swinomish Planning Office, 11430 Moorage Way, La Conner, WA (360-466-2631, 7299). Information in the Public Record is compiled on an indexed CD and can be viewed by the public in the Planning Office.

Information currently contained in the Public Record includes an inventory of brownfields sites on the Reservation, completed environmental assessments, and information related to ongoing cleanups.  The Public Record is routinely updated as information related to the program becomes available.

Swinomish Brownsfields Cleanup Projects

Brownsfields Links

Contact Us - Report a Site

The SITC Brownfields Program can only investigate what it knows about, and for that reason input from the community is crucial.  We encourage your comments and information about potential sites on the Reservation as well as sites we are currently investigating.  Although Brownfields grant funds to date have investigated tribal trust lands on the Reservation, allotment or fee lands may be eligible for assessment.  Contact the SITC Environmental Management program for details on this.

Brownfields Sites Can Potentially Include the Following:

What is Not a Brownfields Site:

Please add a comment and/or description to report a possible brownfields site or to comment on sites currently being investigated.

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