Citizenship is an important aspect of nationhood. By exercising the right to determine who can be a citizen, the continuity and integrity of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, an independent sovereign, are assured. By becoming a citizen of the Tribe, an individual obtains the rights and benefits of citizenship in the Swinomish Tribal Community, which maintains a unique status and special relationship to the federal government. The Swinomish Enrollment Officer is tribal member Leon John.

The Enrollment Committee meets every third Wednesday of the month. At these meetings, the committee reviews enrollment applications. The third weekend in March is our Annual General Council Meeting, at which the General Council votes on whether individuals can become citizens in the Tribe. Individuals who are successfully approved by the General Council participate in a Swearing in Ceremony.



Leon John
Phone (360) 466.7211
Email ljohn@swinomish.nsn.us

Mon-Wed, 8-6 PM
Thurs, 8-5:30 PM

ID preparation & issue
Wed-Thurs, 3-5 PM