Tribal Administration

The Swinomish Tribal Community has an extensive governmental infrastructure that assists and implements the goals, policies, programs and laws of the Swinomish Senate, the Tribe's governing body. The Tribal Chairman supervises and works with the Tribe's General Manager Allen Olson to oversee eight Departments and six Tribal Boards and Commissions.

Directors administer each tribal programs in conjunction with a Senate Committee, Board or Commission that provides policy and guidance in that particular administrative function. To contact the director of a particular department or program, see our Contact page.

The eight departments, their directors and their respective committees include:
Accounting - Merril Burke - Budget Committee
Office of Tribal Attorney - Alix Foster - Legal Committee
Police Department - Tom Schlicker - Law and Order Committee
Planning and Community Development - Charles O'Hara - Planning Commission
Social Services - John Stephens - Health Education and Social Services Committee
Public Works - Bill Critz - Buildings and Facilities Committee
Tribal Court - Chief Judge Mark Pouley - Law and Order Committee
Human Resources - Wayne Bill - Personnel Committee

The six Boards and Commissions and their directors (some have more than one program director) include:
Swinomish Housing Authority - John Petrich - Housing
Fish and Game Commission - Lorraine Loomis - Fisheries
Fish and Game Commission - Todd Wilbur - Hunting
Swinomish Gaming Commission - Ron Williams - Gaming Regulation
Gaming Business Committee - Mike Wootan - Northern Lights Casino
Swinomish Utility Authority - John Petrich - Utilities
Swinomish Development Authority - Vacant - Economic Development
Swinomish Development Authority - Marie Murray - Northern Lights Chevron Station
Swinomish Development Authority - Tom Durkan - Swinomish Fish Company

Tribal Administration


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