Swinomish Indian Senate

Consisting of eleven members who are elected for five-year terms, the Swinomish Senate is the official governing body of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.

The mission of the Senate is to protect and enhance the quality of life for Swinomish members by providing a combination of economic opportunity and a safety net of social services;
To protect the culture and traditional practices of the Swinomish people;
To respect and protect the spirit of tribal ancestors and generations to come;
To exercise the powers of self government secured by the Treaty of Point Elliott;
To protect and preserve the Swinomish Reservation homeland;
To protect treaty rights both on and off of the Swinomish Reservation;
And to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone living on Swinomish Reservation and participating in the Swinomish activities.

Brian Cladoosby, spee pots - Chairman
Brian Porter, ya-qua-leouse - Vice Chair
Sophie Bailey, sapelia - Secretary 2015-2020
Barbara James, to-leq-tole II - Treasurer 2013-2018
Steve Edwards, yal-le-ka-but - Senator 2012-2017
Chester Cayou, Jr., paya-hux-ton - Senator 2014-2019
Kevin Paul, wah lee hub - Senator 2011-2016
Leon John, smǝkǝlǝ - Senator 2012-2017
Glen Edwards, cha-das-cud II - Senator 2011-2016
Tandy Wilbur, kaniɁtǝd - Senator
Brian Wilbur, Sӿladatǝd - Senator 2014-2019

Swinomish Indian Senate


General Reception
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