Earth Day + Cleanup Day

Earth Day + Cleanup Day

We will have a kick off for this event April 20 at the Community Dinner. 50 flower pots, green cleaning kits and planting kits for kids will be given away to those who sign up an elder’s yard for some TLC on April 21. Two elder yards will be randomly selected at the Community Dinner.

Join us on the 21st at the Youth Center at 8:30 and signup for a project (if you didn’t sign up beforehand), have a coffee and some eats, and go to work on shining up Swinomish!

This is a rain or shine event, so please come with appropriate clothing!

Curbside Appliance Pickup
Public Works will pick up curbside appliances April 18-22 only!

Metal Only Dumpster
Please see the map for the locations of dumpsters and note that there will be a METAL ONLY dumpster near the basketball court as well as a household trash dumpster at that location.

NEW! Mixed Recycle Dumpster
We will have a mixed recycling dumpster at the Hat Pavilion parking lot near the E-Recycling Truck. The mixed recycling dumpster will be at this location on a trial basis for a few months- please put only recyclables in this dumpster-NO TRASH. If the community helps support recycling by sorting out and putting only recyclables in this dumpster we will be able to leave it for the long term. Kids know how to recycle ask them to help out! Reduce your garbage bill and save our resources by reducing, reusing and recycling!


Derelict Fish Net Collection/Recycling
Leads Joe Quintasket, Kevin Andersen Volunteers will need gloves & a pocket knife. Need 10-15 volunteers

Elder Yard Cleanup
Lead Tanisha Gobert Volunteers will need gloves, sturdy boots- garden tools will be provided, but if you have a favorite pruner or rake, please bring! 10-15 volunteers

NWIC Thirteen Moons Garden Cleanup
Lead Grace Ward Volunteers will need gloves & sturdy shoes/boots. Need 15 volunteers

E-Waste Recycling
Need 1-2 volunteers after 3pm to take loaded truck to Goodwill.

Rain Garden Cleanup
Volunteers will need water proof boots/shoes & gloves. Need 5-10 volunteers

Reservation Road Cleanup
Volunteers will need tall waterproof boots and gloves. Caution vests will be provided. Need 5-10 volunteers

Swadabs Outfall Cleanup
Volunteers will need tall waterproof boots and gloves. Need 5-10 volunteers

Earth Day + Cleanup Day

Call Myk @ 466.1532